AdWords Scripting is a way for you to programmatically access your AdWords account without the need to get an API key.  Some of the advantages over API access are:

The AdWords Scripts UI in Google AdWords

The AdWords Scripts UI in Google AdWords

  • No approval process. If you have an AdWords account, you can use AdWords scripts.
  • Much similar to interact with.  Anyone who has read through some of the documentation for the AdWords API knows how complex things can get. AdWords scripts attempt to simplify that by making it easier to do common tasks.
  • Full access to all reports. With AdWords scripts, you have access to all the reports from the AdWords API through a simple AWQL interface.
  • No hosting fees. All the scripts are hosted by Google.

Now even with all of these benefits, there are still a few limitations for scripts:

  • Scripts have resource limits which can make them not suitable for some accounts. There are ways to get around a lot of them, but doing so increases the complexity. Accounts with more than 250,000 keywords can be an issue.
  • Scripts increase development speed but are less reliable. Sometimes things at Google break and they don't tell you why.
  • Scripts can't access everything and can't create new campaigns. If you want to access beta features or create new campaigns, scripts probably are not for you.

I've been writing scripts since October 2012 and posting most of them for free on If you want to get started using scripts, I suggest reading through a few posts and playing around.  Feel free to comment on anything you are having trouble with.