There are a few other places that sell automation tools, but here's why you should purchase scripts from Savage Automation.

  • Transparency
    • None of our code is obfuscated so that you can see exactly what is going on in the code. In fact, if you have a question about the code, we will happily answer it. 
  • Code Updates
    • Most of the systems we interact with are changing frequently. You will be notified of all code updates and will receive new versions with release notes. It is up to you if you want to install the update or not. If one of our customers finds a bug, everyone benefits. If Google makes changes that are not backwards compatible, we will notify you and update the script.
  • Experience
    • We've written code for all sorts of people with all sorts of accounts. We know the common issues that you will run into while building scripts which means our scripts can be more reliable.

Best of all, there is no risk. If for some reason our code does not work in your account or you are unhappy with the results, just let us know and we will refund the full amount.